VFL Programs

Programs of Volunteer For Lebanon

1) National Youth Service Week/Global Youth Service Days 

National Youth Service Week 2019 will take place April 6-14, 2019. For information on NYSW click on the link above.

2) Projects For Lebanon

We hope to launch this online platform to the public in 2019. The goal of Projects For Lebanon is to link the following four constituents of service projects)

  1. Project Hosts: Entities that want service projects done (NGOs, service institutions, municipalities, etc.)
  2. Implementors: Groups that want to do service projects (school classes, clubs, groups, youth organizations, corporate volunteer programs)
  3. Mentors: Individuals who can teach implementers how to plant trees, paint murals, etc.
  4. Donors: Individuals, organizations, and companies that can contribute money or goods (in-kind donations) to help with a project – paints, clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, tools, etc.

3) Training Program

While training for National Youth Service Week, School Service, and Projects For Lebanon will begin in November 2018, we will begin providing training in other aspects of volunteerism starting in April 2019. This will include training organizations in Volunteer Management and training companies in Corporate Volunteering.

4) Resource Development
See Resources for some of the resources already available through Volunteer For Lebanon. We look forward to developing other resources on volunteerism in the future.