VFL Membership - Individual

  • Posted on: 15 June 2017
  • By: patricia
The Administration Board of Volunteer For Lebanon welcomes your interest in becoming a member. The official requirements of membership are: Be a Lebanese who has completed twenty years of age (20 years) Enjoy their civil rights and not be convicted of a crime or a misdemeanor. Approve of its Bylaws and the carrying out of the objectives of the Association. Demonstrate their commitment to volunteerism. You will need to submit a copy of your Lebanese identity card (hawiyyi) along with this application form (either by uploading it here or sending it by SMS or WhatsApp to +961-3-757098. Your application will be reviewed by the Board and, if approved, will become effective as soon as you have submitted: Payment for at least six months membership in VFL (60,000LL) as well as Your justice record (Sijl Adli) that is no more than one month old noting that you have not been convicted of a crime or a misdemeanor. In submitting this form, you will be affirming your support of Volunteer For Lebanon’s Objectives as presented in its Constitution AND your Rights & Responsibilities as a volunteer.
Village/Town/City in Lebanon where you live most of the year.
What language would you like correspondence from Volunteer For Lebanon in?
One requirement of being a member of Volunteer For Lebanon is to support its efforts to strengthen volunteering in Lebanon. Briefly explain your interest and/or experience in volunteering:
Briefly explain how you see yourself contributing to achieving Volunteer For Lebanon's objectives as a member and volunteer:
Please upload a copy of both sides of your Lebanese identity card (hawiyyi) here or send it by WhatsApp to 03-757098.
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By checking this option, you affirm that you support Volunteer for Lebanon's Objectives as presented in its Constitution (http://www.volunteerforlebanon.org/VFL_Objectives) and your Rights and Responsibilities as a Volunteer (http://www.volunteerforlebanon.org/Rights-Responsibilities).
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