Refugee Project

Volunteer for Lebanon is about to launch our Refugee Project to help those who want to volunteer to support refugees in Lebanon.  Please check back in a week to see how the project is developed. 

For Organizations that have volunteer opportunities which support refugees in Lebanon, please complete this form


Syrian Refugees:

Lebanon has such a large number of Syrian refugees due to the civil war in Syria between President Bashar al-Assad and rebel groups. This has lead to the overpopulation of refugees in villages, towns, and cities. There are more than 1 million Syrian refugees that have been registered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lebanon.

Palestinian Refugees:

During the 1948 Palestine War, around 85% (720,000 people) of the Arab population of what became Israel fled or was forced out of their homes to the West Bank, the Gaza Strip or to neighboring countries such as Lebanon. 100,000 Palestinians that had fled to Lebanon because of the 1948 war were not allowed to return and as of 2015 there are 452,669 registered Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Refugee Camps in Lebanon:

The Syrians are not in official refugee camps, but are found in camp-like concentrations in certain areas of Lebanon as well as in villages throughout the country.

There are 12 main Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon:

  • Refugee MapBeddawi Camp
  • Burj Barajneh Camp
  • Burj Shemali Camp
  • Dbayeh Camp
  • Ein El Hilweh Camp
  • El Buss Camp
  • Mar Elias Camp
  • Mieh Mieh Camp
  • Nahr el-Bared Camp
  • Rashidieh Camp
  • Shatila Camp
  • Wavel Camp