#BringingBackTheBriq Campaign

Volunteer for Lebanon, with the help of our National Youth Service Week interns, launched its #BringingBackTheBriq campaign on August 9, 2018 in partnership with Recycle Lebanon as part of their #BalaPlastic campaign. The #BringingBackTheBriq campaign is an active expression of our National Youth Service Week theme of Sustainable Service.BalaPlastic Logo


Why are we doing this campaign???

  • Restore a wonderful Lebanese tradition that is environmentally sustainable
  • Reduce the need for plastic cups
  • Reduce use of water to wash glasses
  • Create a market for the traditional glass-blowing and pottery industries of Lebanon
  • Promote a hygienic practice - no one touches their mouth with it
  • Encourage people to drink more water (for the more expert briq drinkers)
  • Have FUN!!!

And because ... 

  • It's a challenge!!!
  • It’s competitive to show one’s expertise
  • It’s very social – sharing
  • Everyone can do it (well, almost everyone - if they practice!!!)

#BringingBackTheBriq Competition 
August 9th through October 15th

How to participate:

Intern1) Follow NYSW.Leb (Instagram and/or Facebook)

2) Upload a picture or video of yourself drinking from the briq (in any of the social media). See how far from your mouth you can hold it and still not spill.

3) Include the hashtags #BringingBackTheBriq and #BalaPlastic and the tag @NYSW.Leb

4) Challenge two friends

Other details:

  • We will have prizes for the most Likes and the best picture and video
  • Winners will be honored on our NYSW website and at our launching event for the National Youth Service Week 2019 campaign at the end of October.

Would you like to see your picture/video of drinking with a briq on THIS page? If Yes, send it to us at admin@volunteerforlebanon.org.


We are looking for information about the Lebanese briq (brik).

  • Do you remember drinking out of a briq as a child? What memories do you have of that?
  • Do you know if people in other countries like Syria, Jordan, or Palestine drink (or drank) out of a briq?
  • Do you know of restaurants in Lebanon that still have briqs on the table for customers to use?
  • Do you know where the glassblowers are who make the briqs we see in the market? We'd love to have/make a video of them doing it.
  • Do you have any good pictures of people drinking out of a briq?
  • If you are an artist - could you draw a picture of people drinking out of a briq?
  • Here is one good video of two people drinking out of a briq. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2wJwXDuS8M  Can you do better?

Please send any responses to admin@volunteerforlebanon.org