Intern Agreement Form

  • Posted on: 25 June 2018
  • By: patricia
Internship Agreement
Please complete this form to indicate your commitment to becoming an Intern for Volunteer for Lebanon to work on planning National Youth Service Week 2019. Once you have completed the form, attended two internship sessions, and demonstrated your engagement with the tasks for those sessions, you will be considered a full intern and not just a prospective intern. We look forward to your becoming a full member of the team!!!
I am: • • • A student or recent graduate residing in Lebanon • • • 16-25 years old. (If 26-30 please explain below why you feel you should be included due to exceptional contacts or abilities, or because you are from a qadaa outside the main urban centers of Lebanon.) • • • Passionate about having a positive impact on Lebanese society • • • A regular resident of Lebanon, whether a citizen or not. • Interested in spending time this summer (and possibly beyond) developing my professional and leadership skills and gaining work experience while helping to mobilize youth in service to society. • • • Fluent in Arabic and English (note your limitations below, if that is not true). • • • Able to commit at least 15 hours/week for 10 weeks or 150 hours total to the project between June and September. And for this, I will keep careful track of the hours I spend on the project and will be honest in listing that time. (Note any problems you have with this requirement. The time limit to complete the 150 hours could be moved beyond September, if necessary.) • • • Able to attend weekly meetings in Beirut for training and planning, but I realize that much of the work must be done on my own time and in small groups. • • • NOTE: If you are disqualified by one of the about requirements, but still feel you should be considered as an intern, please explain below.
As a volunteer, I have the right to: ***Be informed about how my efforts actually contribute to the organization’s objectives. ***Receive the necessary orientation, training, and supervision by someone who is experienced, well-informed, patient, and thoughtful. ***Have an orderly, designated place to work, wherever possible and appropriate. ***Learn how to improve my skills in the work I am doing. ***Be treated with respect and kindness. ***Expect that my time will not be wasted by poor planning. ***Ask questions and give suggestions about the work I am doing. ***Be trusted with confidential information necessary to do my work. ***Be appreciated for the work I have done. ***Be given written proof or evaluation of my work, if I request it.
As a volunteer, I have the responsibility to: *** Only accept responsibilities that I can reasonably handle. *** Make clear arrangements with the organization about when I will be volunteering so that they can make appropriate preparations. *** Meet my time commitments or provide adequate notice so other arrangements can be made. *** Respect the confidences given to me. *** Follow organizational policies and procedures. *** Perform the work assigned to the best of my ability. *** Accept reasonable tasks without complaining. *** Be open-minded. *** Treat others with respect and kindness.
Based on my interests, abilities, what I want to get out of this experience, and how long I want to commit to the campaign from now, I wish to be considered for the tasks checked below. I understand that team leaders need to stay on at least through December – some are specified that they need to stay longer.
Add here any added information you feel qualifies you for the tasks you selected. For media, indicate which media you wish to work on (social media, TV, radio, and print media). You do not need to add anything about the organizations, schools, universities or companies you wish to serve as a liaison for. We will have a special Google Document for that.
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